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Cargo transportation from Europe to Russia is one of the activities of the international transport company Inter-freight. Also, our specialists have established transport logistics for the transportation of goods to the Baltic States, countries of Asia and America. We we transport goods from Germany, goods from Italy and other European countries.

transportation from Europe is carried out according to the following schemes:

  • Shipping
    at this stage, the selection of transport is carried out, the route is calculated with taking into account the supplied goods and the number of crossings of interstate borders. Also, the characteristics of the transported cargo, its unloading and loading.
  • Shipping
    the cargo follows the specified route, while the necessary permits and accompanying documents.
  • Delivery
    the cargo arrives at its destination, after which the entire consignments for compliance with each unit of goods specified in the commodity transport overhead.

Why it is worth ordering cargo transportation from the EU from Inter-freight

For our clients, we will select the best option for the transportation of goods in terms of time and financial costs.
We offer transportation of groupage cargo from Europe, in particular, we deliver cargo Belarus-Germany in a short time. Transportation speed and favorable cost is achieved due to the simultaneous transportation of goods together with cargo from other customers. In this way, you pay only for that part of the space that your cargo takes in a car, plane, etc.
We offer cargo transportation from Belarus to Poland and other European countries. Groupage transportation LCL cargo is economical for customers of transport services and rather labor-intensive for a logistics company, the type of international delivery. It is optimal in cases where cargo transportation from the EU involves the delivery of relatively small consignments of products and goods.
Approximate plan of organization delivery of goods from Europe
Inter-freight offers the following delivery plan:
  • Picking up cargo at the sender's warehouse and delivery to the consolidation warehouse our agent at the nearest port or logistics center.
  • Loading into a collection container , then loading containers onto ship board or a truck, shipping a consolidated container.
  • Controlling the movement of the consolidated cargo, payment time to arrive at the port.
  • Informing the Client about arrival, collecting documentation for disbanding consolidated cargo, distribution of cargo for subsequent movement To destination.
  • Car delivery of cargo from the port or PTO to the final point to the composition an individual or group car, as well as, if necessary offer clearance of intra-customs transit and transportation to the required customs post.
  • Delivery of cargo to the Client and documentary completion of transportation.
We offer the following types of transportation:
  • air
  • railroad
  • marine
  • delivery by road
You can be assured of on-time delivery and the integrity of your products because we cooperate with insurance companies that will protect your cargo from all kinds of risks, emerging on the road. We also fully control the movement of cargo at all stages. transportation and quickly respond to emerging issues.
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
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