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Delivery of goods from Asian countries

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Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and India are major exporters of various products, and the trade turnover between them and Belarus is growing every year. Therefore, delivery from Asia to the CIS countries, Europe and the USA is a demanded service, and it is often ordered from the Inter-freight company.

How is the transportation from Asian countries (Korea, Japan, India)

Delivery of from Korea is as follows:
  • 01.
    Air transport
    This method of transportation takes 3-5 days and is suitable for small consignments of goods.
  • 02.
    Multimodal transportation
    Delivery is carried out in different ways: airplane + delivery by car, sea transport + railway + auto transport. In this case, the timing depends on the chosen transport and route, and in each case are determined individually.
delivery from Japan is also included in the range of services of our company:
  • 01.
    Air transportation
    The use of this type of transport allows you to quickly deliver goods from Japan. The cost of the service will be higher compared to shipping by sea, but the terms significantly less. This is especially important when you need to quickly transport cargo to its destination. At the same time, delivery of cargo from the airport to the destination performed by car
  • 02.
    Shipping by sea
    This method is suitable for those customers for whom a low price transportation is much more important than efficiency. You can also carry large consignments of goods. The delivery time will be approximately 60-65 days.

delivery from Asia from the Inter-freight company

  • Choosing the optimal route of transportation;
  • Freight forwarding and cargo insurance (if necessary);
  • Help with completing the necessary documentation;
  • Wide geography of transportation in Asian countries;
  • Cargo tracking along the entire route;
  • Compliance with all conditions of transportation and storage of goods;
  • Customs clearance.
In the Inter-freight company you can order delivery from India, Japan or Korea. Contact us contact us by phone +375 (29) 304-49-37, +7 (920) 324-60-42, e-mail or using the feedback form on the site.
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