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Delivery of goods from China and all over the world
to Belarus and Russia export and import
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
Air freight
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
Sea freight
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
  • Reliability
    Clear fixation of conditions in the contract
  • Saving
    We make a preliminary calculation of the cost of delivery
  • Speed
    Tell us how quickly you need the goods, we will select a suitable delivery scheme
  • Expertise
    Work experience of each employee is more than 5000 hours

International cargo delivery

The main specialization of the company is container international transportation of goods by rail, air and sea transport, multimodal cargo transportation. You can choose the most suitable type of international cargo transportation from Belarus and not only for your purposes, focusing on the advantages of each of them.
We will help you decide on transport and tariff
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
About company
A little about the company
Marine, land, air
- we use all available modes of transport to export and import cargo quickly and safely.

Want to reduce travel time or save money? Sharing different ways export carriage under one contract is the best solution to the issue.

By entrusting us with export and import transportation, you:

  • See where
    there is a product
  • Do you know
    that the loadin safety
  • Receive cargo
    in a marketable state
  • Control the route
    and shipping costs

We are trusted by international cargo transportation

  • НПП ООО «Квалитет»
    НПП ООО «Квалитет»
  • ЧТДУП Торговый дом «Лагуна»
    ЧТДУП Торговый дом «Лагуна»
  • СП «Санта-Бремор»
    СП «Санта-Бремор»
  • ООО «Армтек»
    ООО «Армтек»
  • ООО «Алютех Торговый Дом»
    ООО «Алютех Торговый Дом»
  • ООО «ТДЛ Текстиль»
    ООО «ТДЛ Текстиль»
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We'll help you decide
with transport and tariff
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
Dmitry Grigoriev
Logistics Manager
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