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International air cargo transportation

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Air transport and air transportation are currently the fastest way of international delivery of goods. Air transportation of goods allows you to deliver goods to the most inaccessible areas, where even a car will not travel. We we deliver a variety of goods from China, USA, Canada, Japan, India, Europe, the CIS, etc. Depending on characteristics of the transported goods are used for passenger and cargo flights.

By air delivery we transport

Our company offers air transport for the transportation of the following types of goods:
  • 01.
    Basic cargo. This category includes spare parts for equipment, various equipment and devices, component parts, etc.
  • 02.
    Valuable cargo. These include precision products, medical equipment, etc.
  • 03.
    Heavy and oversized cargo. These are reinforced concrete and building structures, reactors, turbines, special equipment, etc.
International air transportation of goods should be ordered in the following cases :
  • urgent delivery of small cargo (for example, if the Client has a tender);
  • transportation of fragile goods;
  • transportation of goods to another continent;
  • delivery of product samples.
In order to correctly calculate the cost of transportation of your cargo, you can contact us

How we organize cargo flights

  • We independently pick up the cargo from the sender's warehouse and deliver it to the airport;
  • We fill in air waybills, cargo manifest, etc. - we provide complete documentary support of cargo;
  • We prepare the goods for loading and flight (we weigh, label, pack and etc.);
  • We organize customs clearance at the airports of departure and arrival;
  • We organize customs transportation;
  • We insure the cargo at the request of the customer;
  • Throughout the entire time of transportation, we inform the client about location and status of the cargo.

How is the air freight cost calculated

Usually, when calculating the cost of a service, the following factors are taken into account:
  • category of cargo;
  • weight and dimensions of the goods;
  • remoteness of the final point of delivery and the point of departure;
  • delivery terms;
  • the need for insurance;
  • type of cargo packaging.
These factors, to varying degrees, affect the price of air freight. Moreover, in each specific case, the cost will be different. Therefore, to obtain more accurate and complete information, it is worth call us by phones +375 (29) 304-49-37, +7 (920) 324-60-42 or write to e-mail mail, and we will advise you in detail on air transportation.
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
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