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International freight forwarding

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The Inter-freight company offers such a service as freight forwarding. This is a service consisting of a range of services, aimed at constant and strict control of the passage of goods at all stages of delivery from the sender to the recipient.

What does the international expedition include

Forwarding services include:
  • 01.
    Determining the appropriate type of transport depending on the specifics transported cargo and development of the optimal route
  • 02.
    Drawing up and approval of the necessary accompanying documentation in according to the nature of the cargo and the geographic characteristics of transportation
  • 03.
    Freight forwarding services with clear control of movement in order to timely detection and resolution of possible problem situations in the process transportation
  • 04.
    Compliance with customs regulations
Thus, forwarding transportation allows the Client to shift all the hassle associated with with delivery of goods, on shipping company . The complex may also include additional services such as consultation, market research cargo transportation, etc.

How freight forwarding cost is formed

The following factors influence the price of the service:
  • point of departure and end point of the route;
  • characteristics of the cargo - purpose, type, volume, weight, dimensions;
  • the estimated cost of the goods transported - this includes the cost of insurance and customs clearance

Features freight forwarding from our company

  • Regardless of what products you transport, when ordering a service forwarding in transit the cargo will be accompanied by an employee of the Inter-freight company , in whose duties include control over delivery at all stages.
  • He will take care of all the questions about preparing the goods for shipment, the work of loaders when loading products into a vehicle and will ensure the receipt necessary accompanying documents in warehouses.
  • The international freight forwarder is in charge of coordinating possible changes, which may occur along the route. If necessary, this will help optimize transportation as much as possible and quickly adapt to the emerging circumstances.
You can order transportation and forwarding of goods at Inter-freight LLC, which has been working in this field for over 9 years. The key to our success lies in a well-coordinated the work of experienced professionals and a clear understanding of responsibility.
We will carry out the transportation and forwarding of your cargo in compliance with all requirements. For to order a service, contact us by phone +375 (29) 304-49-37, +7 (920) 324-60-42 or by e-mail .
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
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