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International TIR-transportation of goods

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The Inter-freight company offers TIR transportation. The abbreviation TIR stands for Transports Internationaux Routiers. Translated from French - international road transport (TIR). The TIR plate on the truck indicates that the delivery of the cargo is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the international Customs Convention TIR. The agreement allows, according to a regulated procedure, to register and transport goods through border between states that have acceded to this agreement. Among them are China, USA, European and Asian states.

Main features of TIR transportation

TIR cargo transportation has the following features:
  • 01.
    Transportation of goods is carried out in sealed containers.
  • 02.
    To perform TIR transportations, an appropriate license is required. Soon the introduction of the electronic version of TIR is planned.
  • 03.
    Cargo inspection is carried out according to a simplified scheme at the main borders. And on at intermediate border sections, a full check is not carried out, which significantly reduces delivery times.
What is a TIR Carnet and how to use it
  • If international cargo transportation by road is carried out using TIR procedures, then the carrier at the time of crossing the border to provide at customs special document - TIR Carnet.
  • In accordance with this document of customs transit, transportation is carried out cargo with sealing. It contains important information about the supplier and the shipment, which are filled in by the sender.
  • In TIR transportation of goods, when the vehicle crosses the border, a customs officer withdraws one white sheet of paper from a book and puts a stamp on the spine, which remains with driver. The same procedure, but with a green leaf, is carried out when leaving the customs area.
  • When choosing a carnet, consider the number of customs offices that will cross transport means, and, based on this information, select a document with the required quantity pages and vouchers with spines.
  • International transport using a TIR Carnet is procedurally much easier and more convenient.

TIR-transportation from the Inter-freight company

Our company has been transporting goods for more than 9 years and has managed to accumulate a solid experience in this field, and gain the trust of customers. International transportation by the system TIR is one of the directions of our activity, which we have thoroughly studied.
Why is it worth cooperating with us:
  • Only trusted partners and contractors, who provide modern vehicles;
  • Cargo tracking throughout the entire route;
  • Rapid response to emergency situations
  • Compilation and execution of required documentation
  • Cargo insurance (at the request of the Client)
LLC "Inter-freight" is a reliable carrier that will carry out the transportation of your cargo from compliance with all requirements. Call us at +375 (29) 304-49-37, +7 (920) 324-60-42 or write to e-mail
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