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The wide geography of cargo transportation will make it possible to transport goods from the largest cities of the PRC to European countries, including including to Lithuania), the CIS and the USA. In cases where the final place of delivery is landlocked for the organization of sea transportation, railway delivery of goods from China will become an alternative method of transportation.

Types of international cargo transportation by railway

Our company carries out the following types of cargo transportation by railway transport:

Destinations (countries)

We send goods by railway transport from Belarus to the countries of Asia, Europe and the CIS at competitive prices.

Railway transportation cost

Direct connections with the main railway junctions and the possibility of organizing groupage deliveries allow Inter-Freight to offer you the most optimal prices for railway transportation.
The price for each specific transportation is formed based on a number of factors, such as:
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Volume and number of containers
  • Length route
  • Delivery terms
In order to correctly calculate the cost of railway transportation of your cargo, you can contact us.

Information about the transportation of goods by rail

Cooperation (interaction) with our company in the organization of transportation in several types transport allows you to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy, additional costs, and save time on paperwork. This is how it works. Instead of 10 accompanying documents (5-8 for railway transportation, 3-5 for sea transportation, plus auto) customer receives one document - a bill of lading for multimodal transportation.
The rest of the documents become internal to the transport company and its contractors. Their they are released only in electronic form (which is cheaper) or they are not released at all as unnecessary.
Our specialization is multimodal container transportation. We undertake documentary and customs clearance of multimodal transportation, delivery of goods and return of empty containers.
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
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