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The company "Inter-freight" offers sea freight from Asia, Canada, USA, Australia, etc. with delivery to the warehouse the customer or the point of customs clearance using road and rail transport.
When is it worth ordering sea delivery of goods
Transportation by sea will be the most profitable in the following cases:
  • when performing transcontinental transportation;
  • for container transportation of goods of large volume and weight;
  • if necessary to ensure a high level of safety and security of cargo.
Container shipping allows you to save your cargo as much as possible. The containers are durable and sealed, therefore, without violating their integrity, access to the content is impossible. In addition to this, if the mode of transport changes during transportation, then in unloading or reloading there is no commodity required.
If the price of the service is important to you, then it is worth ordering sea transportation in containers, since the price of such delivery is one of the lowest. But in this case, the transportation will take a lot of time.
Advantages of organizing delivery by sea from our company:
  • possibility of transportation of large consignments;
  • assistance in preparation of accompanying documents (including export-import);
  • competitive prices for multimodal transportation;
  • the possibility of cargo consolidation in the country of departure at the warehouse of our agent;
  • terminal forwarding;
  • repacking and transshipment of cargo in the port.
We transport the following types cargo by sea transport:
  • fully loaded containers (FCL);
  • groupage cargo in containers (LCL);
  • valuable cargo;
  • dangerous goods (except for 1 and 7 hazard class);
  • oversized transportation.
Offer from our company
The company "Inter-freight" organizes the delivery of goods by sea through the ports of Riga, Klaipeda, St. Petersburg, Gdansk, Novorossiysk, etc. to any customs point registration in Russia and Belarus.
Some useful information:
  • 01.
    Klaipeda port receives about 80% of our freight traffic .
  • 02.
    KKT terminals are located in Klaipeda (twenty% of our freight traffic).
  • 03.
    Terminals PKT, KTSP, PLP are located in Bronco, Fish port, Ust-Luga . (From Bronko and Ust-Luga, export is more expensive by 2000-2500 rubles).
  • 04.
    Also, the ports of destination are in Kotka, Vladivostok / Nakhodka, Tallinn and Novorossiysk .
  • 05.
    We offer multimodal transportation services : a combination of delivery by sea with road and rail.
  • 06.
    Most often, deliveries are carried out from Klaipeda (Riga) to Minsk , as well as from the seaport St. Petersburg (Novorossiysk) to Moscow .
  • 07.
    As for the delivery of containers from ports, it is carried out as by road, and by rail . Delivery by car takes about 2-3 days , and by rail - approximately 10 days . It is worth considering that railway delivery, although it takes more time, but it will cost $ 200-300 cheaper.
  • 08.
    We also arrange transportation groupage cargo , which is ideal suitable for transportation of piece goods or several commodity groups from different manufacturers. This is an economically cost effective solution for a business that requires regular deliveries of small consignments of goods.
  • 09.
    The Inter-freight company works under direct contracts with large shipping companies .
In order to correctly calculate the cost of transporting your cargo, you can contact us.
We will be happy to help you save time and effort and take care of all the worries and troubles, associated with the organization of shipping. To order the service, call us at +375 (29) 304-49-37, +7 (920) 324-60-42 or write by e-mail
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
Dmitry Grigoriev
Logistics Manager
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