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International Freight Forwarding Company "Inter-freight" provides a fast, safe and reliable service. transportation of goods across the CIS. We offer several types of transportation of goods, each of which has its own peculiarities.

What transport is used for the transportation of goods across the CIS (Kazakhstan)

For cargo transportation we use the following types of transport:
  • Air transport;
  • Trains;
  • Cars.

Rail container transportation

We offer our Clients to transport goods to / from Kazakhstan and other CIS countries using railway transport. Containers differ in type and size. Wide application got standard containers:
  • 01.
    For transportation of "dense" and heavy loads of small size 20ft containers will do.
  • 02.
    Transportation of light cargo of large volume is carried out in standard containers for 40 feet or "high" containers (High Cube).
Rail container transportation is used everywhere and has a number of advantages :
  • Efficiency

    trains run daily around the clock
  • Payload

    you can carry tons of goods by train
  • Budget Cost

    freight transport by rail is considered one of the most cheap
  • Payload

    you can carry tons of goods by train
We carry out cargo transportation of a wide range of goods and for each we select the appropriate type of car
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    Delivery by air and car delivery

    The main advantage of this type is the efficiency of cargo delivery across the CIS. In just a couple of hours, your cargo will be delivered from one country to another, while the whole flight sometimes takes no more than 3 hours. However, this type of transportation is considered one of the most expensive, and to deliver cargo can only be carried to points where there is an airfield, so you will have to use other types of transport.
    We will deliver your cargo in any direction, as well as fill the entire necessary documentation, pick up the cargo from the warehouse and deliver it to the airport. Deliveries from airports are carried out by road. The truck takes about 2-3 days.
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    Automobile transportation

    Cargo transportation to / from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia and other countries LPG is carried out by road transport. This is the most demanded and popular type of transportation of goods in the CIS. Practically 60% of imported and exported goods are transported by trucks.
    This type of cargo transportation is characterized by availability, efficiency, and also the ability to deliver the goods directly to the warehouse. The disadvantages can be attributed the high shipping costs caused by high fuel consumption. V in order to save money, we offer combined cargo transportation, since this case, the initial and final segments of the path on which vehicles are as short as possible to deliver the goods to the carriage.
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    Combined cargo transportation

    To transport goods from Belarus to Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, most often use rail and road transport. Usually combined transportation is more rational in cases where it is necessary to transport large volume of cargo in a short period, as well as for efficient operation each of the modes of transport.
    You can track your cargo online, quickly receive prompt information about location of the cargo. In addition, we are responsible for the transported product.
To order the service, contact us by phone +375 (29) 304-49-37, +7 (920) 324-60-42 or write to e-mail .
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* Forwarder liability insurance - € 600,000
Dmitry Grigoriev
Logistics Manager
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