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Cargo transportation China-Russia

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In connection with the sanctions imposed by a number of Western countries and companies, since February 2022 changed available shipping routes from China and other countries. The situation changes almost every day. To select the most suitable for your companies delivery option from China, prices and delivery times fill in any form on the site or call us at phone numbers +375 (29) 304-49-37, +7 (920) 324-60-42.

Our manager will advise you based on the available operational information, tell you prices, advantages and cons of different ways of delivery of goods.

More details with the terms of delivery of goods from China to Russia and Belarus from February 2022, you can see here

Delivery of goods from China to Russia is one of the most demanded services in the Inter-freight company. We offer to its Clients container transportation by sea and railway transport, as well as air transportation and delivery to car.

For cargo delivery delivery of cargo from China to Russia we use:

  • Railway transport
    Delivery from China to Moscow with subsequent delivery to the region using railway transport will suit Customers for whom it has meaning optimal balance of cost and speed of transportation. В containers recommended to transport both full and groupage cargo. The terms of such delivery are minimum 14 days.
  • Air transport
    It will be profitable to transport cargo in the direction of China-Russia by plane therein in the event if the goods need to be delivered urgently. Order this kind transportation is possible for important documents or new items of technology that must go to store shelves on a specific date. Air cargo delivery from China to Russia will take only 3-5 days, but its cost will be higher compared to others ways.
  • Sea transport
    Delivery of cargo in the direction of China-Russia by sea is suitable for large parties raw materials, equipment and building materials. In this case Customer receives minimal costs. The time and price of sea freight is influenced by the port of arrival and the type used container.
Usually, the delivery of containers from seaports is carried out both by road and by rail. transport. Auto delivery takes about 2-3 days, delivery by rail - about 10 days. The cost of a railway delivery is $ 200-300 lower than a car delivery.

When delivering goods from China to Russia , the main target areas are deliveries from the port of St. Petersburg (Novorossiysk) to Moscow.

Transportation of goods from China to Russia from the Inter-freight company

  • Inter-freight is a international transport company with an established reputation
  • We use our own logistics to minimize transport costs
  • Employees of the company track cargo from China throughout the entire route, which allows you to control the delivery process
  • In each specific case, we individually calculate the route, logistics and fare
  • We offer assistance in documenting the cargo
  • The ability to order cargo delivery from China to Moscow, as well as to any region of Russia
The accumulated experience of the Inter-freight company will allow rational to optimize the prices for transportation and deliver the goods on time to the destination.
The cost of the service is calculated individually. Our specialists will take into account the peculiarities of the route and your cargo, and will also take into account your wishes regarding delivery, after which they will carry out the necessary calculations. You can find out the price for the transportation of goods along the China-Russia route on our website.
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Calculation of the cost of transportation
Groupage cargo to / from China sbornye-gruzy-v-iz-kitaya
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Cargo transportation from February 2022
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