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Deliveries of goods from China

Deliveries of goods from China

Many entrepreneurs have long appreciated the benefits of cooperation with Chinese suppliers, because this way the goods can be purchased cheap, and sold several times more expensive, and get a good profit. The days when products from China were considered low-quality consumer goods are long gone. Now many goods are not inferior in quality to European ones, but at the same time their price is much lower. For the most efficient trade, you need to find a reliable supplier from China - with a trusted partner, you can be sure of the quality of the goods and their timely delivery.


What are the Chinese suppliers

There are 4 main groups of suppliers from the Middle Kingdom:

  1. Large companies. For such manufacturers, the most important point in cooperation is the regularity of purchases and large volumes. In addition, Chinese suppliers of this type have quite an interesting pricing policy - only after 3-4 transactions you can count on favorable discounts. It is worth cooperating with such companies in cases where you trade in highly specialized goods that are produced by a limited number of companies - equipment, electronics, machine tools, etc. In other situations, it will not be very profitable to conclude an agreement with large suppliers.
  2. Small shops that are engaged in the production of souvenirs, furniture, toys, accessories and other goods.
  3. Manufacturers of building materials, shop fittings, plumbing fixtures, etc. This is a vast segment with a large selection of goods, but the risk of purchasing low-quality products increases here.
  4. Mediators. This category of suppliers is not engaged in their own production, they buy products from firms and sell them abroad.

When you decide on a suitable supplier, an equally important question arises: how to arrange the supply and delivery of goods? Let's try to figure it out.

Organization of delivery of products from China

There are two ways to buy goods in the Middle Kingdom: either you order finished products at the warehouse, or you agree with the manufacturer on the manufacture of specific products.

To import cargo from China to Belarus, you will need the following documents:

  1. Supplier contract. When compiling it, many factors must be taken into account: each item must have the exact name of certificates, invoices and declarations.
  2. Price list in English and Russian, certified by the Chamber of Commerce or the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Economic Development.
  3. An invoice, which contains the addresses of the sender and recipient, the terms of delivery of the goods, its name, price, article and information about the packaging.
  4. Certificate of origin of goods.
  5. Packing list.
  6. Sanitary-hygienic and phytosanitary certificate. The second document is issued only for certain shipments of plant origin.
  7. Bill of lading. This is a transport document, which specifies the conditions for the carriage of goods by sea. Also, a through bill of lading is now used, which provides for the carriage of goods by various modes of transport.
  8. Transport agreement indicating delivery points "to the Republic of Belarus" and "across the Republic of Belarus".
  9. The payment document, which reflects the confirmation of the fact of payment.

Other documents may also be required, the list of which depends on the type of cargo transported.

How is the delivery of goods from China to Belarus carried out?

Buying goods is only half the battle; it is also necessary to organize competent delivery of goods to the Republic of Belarus. There are several ways to transport products:

  1. Railway. This transport can transport large volumes of goods. The main advantages of this method are a wide geography of delivery, an affordable price of the service and independence from weather conditions. Among the shortcomings, we can note the delivery time (about 30 days).
  2. Airplane. By air transport, goods are delivered that have a limited shelf life, as well as expensive products and products that are in high demand. But it is worth considering that the price of such a service is quite high.
  3. Sea transport. Great for the delivery of bulky goods that are shipped in containers. Delivery times vary from 40 to 60 days.
  4. Automobile. This transport is used mainly for delivering cargo to the consignee's warehouse.
  5. For delivery from China, several types of transport are often used, ordering a multimodal transportation service. In most cases, this is the most optimal and profitable option.

Choosing a supplier and organizing the delivery of goods are important points, but without a properly organized delivery, all your efforts will be wasted. Therefore, you should seek professional help. Inter-Freight employees will select a suitable route and mode of transport for you, as well as make sure that the cargo arrives on time.

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